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The world's first clinical application using MRI-controlled TULSA-PRO for prostate cancer was carried out at the ALTA Klinik under the direction of Dr. med. Agron Lumiani in Bielefeld, Germany. The private clinic has been specialising in innovative prostate diagnostics and therapies for more than 10 years. Due to its specialisation, the ALTA Klinik was also the first clinic worldwide to treat the prostate gland focally using TULSA-PRO. Focal (lat. focus) means that only the diseased area is treated in order to preserve the prostate gland as an organ with its functions.

Since March 2017 the doctors of the ALTA Klinik have been treating their patients with TULSA-PRO for prostate cancer. Over time, the treatment has also been extended to prostate enlargement (benign prostate hyperplasia). Here too, the focus is on effective and gentle therapy while maintaining male functions.

In the ALTA Clinic, a specialised team of doctors awaits you, who will take care of you professionally and above all humanely.


Dr. A. Lumiani


Dr. M. Badzies


Prof. Rolf Muschter


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