Uniklinik Köln

The Prostate Cancer Centre at the University Hospital Cologne (UKK - Uniklinik Köln) is a network of service providers from different disciplines who work closely together.

The multi-professional team consists of Hospital staff (physicians, nurses, psycho-oncologists and physiotherapists) and GPs. The UKK offers an interdisciplinary treatment according to current national and international treatment guidelines and latest scientific findings. The benefits resulting of this are individually therapies adapted to the respective health and living situation of each patient.

For diagnosis and therapy, the UKK owns modern, high-performance examination devices at its disposal. Clinical research is also one of the UKK’s tasks. For this they have set up its own study centre.


NRW, Germany

U. Schnorrer „The facts just talked for themselves, [...] There was nothing for me to think about.“⁸,⁹

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